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5) Indian Polity – Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims (1995-2023)

Indian Polity Previous Year Questions – Topic Wise

Sr. No.Topic NamePrevious Year Questions
A)Political Theory (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
B)Indian Political System (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
C)Indian Constitution (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
D)Fundamental Rights (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
E)DPSPs and Fundamental Duties (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
F)Ministers, Ministries and Secretariat (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
G)President, Vice President and Governor (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
H)Union and State Legislature (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
I)Judiciary and Judicial System (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
J)Elections, Election Commission and RPA Act (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
K)Various Constitutional & Non-Constitutional Posts and Bodies (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
L)Important Acts and Constitutional Amendments (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
M)Panchayati Raj and Local Governance (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
N)Post Independence History (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
O) International Relations (Prelims PYQs)Click Here
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Topic Wise Analysis of Indian Polity PYQs

4. Indian PolityNo. of Questions (2011-2023)No. of Questions (1995-2023)% Weightage (2011-2023)% Weightage (1995-2023)
A) Political Theory202710%7%
B) Indian Political System7114%3%
C) Indian Constitution194010%10%
D) Fundamental Rights14227%6%
E) DPSPs and Fundamental Duties16208%5%
F) Ministers, Ministries and Secretariat10295%7%
G) President, Vice President and Governor8194%5%
H) Union and State Legislature346218%16%
I) Judiciary and Judicial System13377%9%
J) Elections, Election Commission and RPA5173%4%
K) Various Const. Non Const. Posts and Bodies11276%7%
L) Important Acts and Const. Amedments12246%6%
M) Panchayati Raj and Local Governance6193%5%
N) Post Independence History1171%4%
O) International Relations15218%5%

About Indian Polity PYQs

As discussed in the article on subject wise weightage of various subject in CSE Prelims, around 15 questions are asked on the subject of Indian Polity each year. So this is a highly important topic.

Another good thing, as you can see in the PYQs given here, around 2-3 questions in Indian Polity are from current affairs. Thus, it’s also a highly static and a conceptual subject. Most of the questions are answerable if you prepare the standard sources well.

Indian Polity-Detailed Topic Wise Syllabus Based on PYQs

A) Political Theory

Important concepts in political theory i.e. state, justice, equality, democracy, liberty, ideologies, rule of law, important ideologies etc.

B) Indian Political System

Indian parliamentary system, Indian federalism, separation of powers, judicial supremacy, electoral model etc.

C) Indian Constitution

Making of the Indian constitution, salient features of constitution, important articles and schedules, constitutional amendment scheme, judicial review and the doctrine of basic structure.

D) Fundamental Rights

Fundamental rights, Right to Education act, right to property, right to vote, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

E) DPSPs and Fundamental Duties

Directive Principles of State Policy and fundamental duties

F) Ministers, Ministries and Secretariat

Various state and central government ministries and ministers (including Prime Minister and Chief Minister), classification of Ministers, their powers and functions, various departments and schemes under them, secretariat system

G) President, Vice President and Governor

President, Vice President and Governor, their appointments, powers and functions, modes of removal, articles and acts regarding these. 

H) Union and State Legislature

Parliament of India and state legislatures (Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies and Legislative Councils), its speakers /chairman etc.,  its members (elected and nominated), powers and functions of legislatures and legislative assemblies, modes of removal, special privileges, parliamentary committees, bills and motions. 

I) Judiciary and Judicial System

Indian judicial system, courts and their powers, special courts like Lok Adalat, judges – their appointment, powers, functions and removals, various issues in the judicial system and latest judgements, important acts and amendments etc. 

J) Elections, Election Commission and RPA Act

Elections in India at various levels, election commission, its powers, functions etc. Representation of the People’s Act and other important acts and amendments, election issues etc. 

K) Various Constitutional & Non-Constitutional Posts and Bodies

Various constitutional, non-constitutional bodies and posts e.g. Finance Commission, CAG, Attorney General, NITI Aayog, NALSA, NHRC etc. 

L) Important Acts and Constitutional Amendments

Important bills and acts, ordinances, and amendments to the constitution

M) Panchayati Raj and Local Governance

Issues related to the urban and rural local governance, Panchayati raj etc. important acts and amendments e.g. PESA, 72nd and 73rd amendment etc. 

N) Post Independence History

Political developments in independent India, the formation of states, elections, committees and commissions etc. 

O) International Relations

India’s foreign policy, India’s relations with other countries, international and regional institutions, agreements etc.

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Mauksh Singh

Hello Can you let me know where you categorised the question of chapter Historical Underpining , which include various charter act and GOI act. ?

Or you have cover it in in Modern History ?