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7) Geography – Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims

Geography Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims

Geography Previous Year Questions – Topic Wise

Sr. No.Topic NamePrevious Year Questions
A)Physical GeographyClick Here
B)ClimatologyClick Here
C)OceanographyClick Here
D)Indian Geography: Map-Based QuestionsClick Here
E)Indian Geography: Mountains, Glaciers and Associated LandformsClick Here
F)Indian Geography: Rocks, Soil, Minerals and Other Natural ResourcesClick Here
G)Indian Geography: Rivers, Lakes and LagoonsClick Here
H)Indian Geography: Location, Climate, Forests etcClick Here
I)Agriculture and GeographyClick Here
J)Indian Geography: Roads, Railways, Ports and AirportsClick Here
K)Indian Geography: Industries and Other Major ProjectsClick Here
L)World Geography – Geographical Features and Natural ResourcesClick Here
M) World Geography – Map-Based QuestionsClick Here

Topic-Wise Analysis of Geography PYQs

6. GeographyNo. of Questions (2011-2023)No. of Questions (1995-2023)% Weightage (2011-2023)% Weightage (1995-2023)
A) Physical Geo – Geopmorphology133710%9%
B) Physical Geo – Climatology226216%15%
C) Physical Geo – Oceanography11198%4%
D) Indian Geo – Map Based Questions6194%4%
E) Indian Geo- Mountains, Glaciers etc.7245%6%
F) Indian Geo – Rocks, Soil, Minerals etc.9247%6%
G) Indian Geo – Rivers, Lakes, Lagoons184413%10%
H) Indian Geo – Location, Climate and Forests9337%8%
I) Indian Geo – Agriculture194314%10%
J) Indian Geo – Roads, Railway and Ports3192%4%
K) Indian Geo – Industries and Major Projects0240%6%
L) World Geo – Features and Natural Resources7345%8%
M) World Geo – Map Based Questions10437%10%

About Geography PYQs

Around 8-10 questions each year are from Geography, as the analysis of previous year question papers suggest. With exception of 2-3 map based questions, rest of the questions are usually static. As you can see below, there is good weightage to India’s physical geography.

We’ve listed the various topics from Geography which will help you understand what exactly Geography in CSE Prelims consists of. Studying by sticking to the topics like listed here will also help a lot to get clarity in the subject.

Geography-Detailed Topic Wise Syllabus Based on PYQs

A) Physical Geography

The earth, origin, evolution, the interior of the earth, distribution of oceans and land, earthquakes, vulcanism, planetary system, important landforms, rocks, soil and minerals, geomorphic processes

B) Climatology

Atmosphere, climate, rains, clouds, cyclones, winds, insolation various climates and associated forest types

C) Oceanography

Oceanography, oceans and associated landforms, ocean currents, and other related geographical features e.g. tides, isobars and isotherms etc.

D) Indian Geography: Map-Based Questions

Questions that can be answered on the basis of knowledge of India’s map, important places, state boundaries, longitude/latitude etc.

E) Indian Geography: Mountains, Glaciers and Associated Landforms

Indian geography – hills, mountain ranges and glaciers, associated landforms like valleys, passes etc.

F) Indian Geography: Rocks, Soil, Minerals and Other Natural Resources

Indian geography – soil, soil types and their distribution, rocks and minerals, distribution of other natural resources

G) Indian Geography: Rivers, Lakes and Lagoons

Indian geography – important rivers, tributaries and river basins, associated landforms, lakes and lagoons

H) Indian Geography: Location, Climate, Forests etc

Indian geography – important geographical features, climate types in India, different forest types, monsoon

I) Agriculture and Geography

Important crops, their seasons, their production, major crop-producing areas, irrigation, various agriculture techniques etc. 

J) Indian Geography: Roads, Railways, Ports and Airports

Indian geography – Indian transport system, roads, railways, airports, river and sea ports. 

K) Indian Geography: Industries and Other Major Projects

Indian geography – location of major industries and large projects e.g. dams, electricity generation plants, irrigation projects etc.

L) World Geography – Geographical Features and Natural Resources

World geography – important geographical features – mountains, rivers, trenches, deserts, oceans etc., important places, distribution of natural resources

M) World Geography – Map-Based Questions

Questions that can be answered on the basis of knowledge of the world map, important countries and cities, national boundaries, longitude/latitude, and location of important geographical features.

We’re in the process of posting all the questions from 1995-2023. The tentative date of completion is 16 Dec 2023. We highly recommend purchasing our UPSC Prelims PYQ Book (2024 Edition) to access all questions in a single PDF.

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