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1) Ancient History Art and Culture – Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims

Ancient History Art and Culture Previous Year Questions
Ancient History Art and Culture Previous Year Questions

Topic Wise Analysis

As discussed in the post regarding subject wise weightage in UPSC Prelims, around 8-10 questions are asked on the topic of Ancient History and Art & Culture in UPSC Prelims. 

The graph given below further illustrates the composition of various topics in ancient history. As you can notice, all the sections of ancient history & art and culture, are somewhat equally important.

Ancient History Art and Culture Previous Year Questions
Ancient History Art and Culture Previous Year Questions – Topic Wise Weightage
Ancient History and Art & CultureNo. of Questions (2013-2022)No. of Questions (1995-2022)% Weightage (2013-2022)% Weightage (1995-2022)
A) Ancient History - Political and Social175621%25%
B) Architecture in Ancient India174421%20%
C) Literature in Ancient India6247%11%
D) Religion and Philosophy in Ancient India183822%17%
E) Art and Craft in India113213%14%
F) Indian Culture and Heritage133116%14%

A) Ancient History – Political & Social Life

This is the most important part of ancient history. Not just because a maximum number of questions have been asked from this section, but the study of all other topics in ancient history is based on this one. 

A very good understanding of the timeline of ancient history is most essential here. Further, the important rulers, battles, important terms in regard to political and social life etc. form the part of syllabus.

B) Architecture in Ancient India

This topic consists of Architectural sites, caves, rock edicts, temples,  inscriptions, ancient paintings, sculptures, pillars etc. from ancient India

C) Literature in Ancient India

Important literature, languages and scripts, classification of literature, important scholars and writers, translations etc. from ancient India

D) Religion and Philosophy in Ancient India

Vedic religion (Hinduism) and associated philosophies, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam and other heterodox sects from ancient India, religious texts, principles, and proponents of religion.

E) Art & Craft

It covers art and craft from ancient to contemporary times.  It includes art, craft, paintings, music, dance, theatre, puppetry, circus, cinema, martial arts and UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

F) Indian Culture and Heritage

Indian culture, cultural institutions, Indian cultural heritage, national symbols, languages, awards, and scientific achievements of ancient Indians. Various tribes and communities, festivals etc.

Topic Wise Previous Year Questions

1A) Ancient History – Political and Social Life (Prelims PYQs)

1B) Ancient History – Architecture (Prelims PYQs)

1C) Ancient History – Literature (Prelims PYQs)

1D) Ancient History – Religion and Philosophy  (Prelims PYQs)

1E) Art and Craft (Prelims PYQs)

1F) Indian Culture and Heritage (Prelims PYQs)

We’re in the process of posting all the questions from 1995-2023. The tentative date of completion is 16 Dec 2023. We highly recommend purchasing our UPSC Prelims PYQ Book (2024 Edition) to access all questions in a single PDF.

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