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4E) Freedom Struggle Before Gandhi (1908-1917) (Prelims PYQs)

E) Freedom Struggle Before Gandhi (1908-1917) (Prelims PYQs)
E) Freedom Struggle Before Gandhi (1908-1917) (Prelims PYQs)

2013 Prelims PYQs

1] Annie Besant was: [2013]
1. Responsible for starting the Home Rule Movement
2. The founder of the Theosophical Society
3. Once the President of the Indian National Congress
Select the correct statement / statements using the codes given below.

a)  1 only
b) 2 and 3 only
c) 1 and 3 only
d)  1, 2 and 3

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Ans: c) 1 and 3 only

2005-1997 Prelims PYQs

1] What was Komagata Maru? [2005]

a) A political party based in Taiwan
b) Peasant communist leader of China
c) A naval ship on voyage to Canada
d) A Chinese village where Mao Tse Tung began his Long march

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Ans: c) A naval ship on voyage to Canada

2] Who among the following was a proponent of Fabianism as a movement? [2005]

a) Annie Beasant
b) A. O. Hume
c) Michael Madhusudan Dutt
d) R. Palme Dutt

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Ans: a) Annie Beasant

3] A London branch of the All ­India Muslim League was established in 1908 under the presidency of: [2001]

a) Agha Khan                        b) Ameer Ali
c) Liaquat Ali Khan            d) M.A. Jinnah

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Ans: b) Ameer Ali

4] The most short­lived of all of Britain’s constitutional experiments in India was the: [1999]

a) Indian Councils Act of 1861
b) Indian Councils Act of 1892
c) Indian Councils Act of 1909
d) Government of India Act of 1919

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Ans: c) Indian Councils Act of 1909

5] What is the correct sequence of the following events? [1998]

I. Tilak’s Home Rule League
II. Komagata Maru Incident
III. Mahatma Gandhi’s arrival in India
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:


a) I, II, III                 b) III, II, I
c) II, I, III                  d) II, III, I

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Ans: d) II, III, I

6] Which one of the following was used as a chemical weapon in the First World War? [1997]

a) Carbon monoxide
b) Hydrogen cyanide
c) Mustard gas
d) Water gas

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Ans: c) Mustard gas

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