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8) Environment – Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims

Environment Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims

Environment Previous Year Questions – Topic Wise

Sr. No.Topic NamePrevious Year Questions
A)Environment EcologyClick Here
B)India’s BiodiversityClick Here
C)Environmental Pollution and RemediesClick Here
D)Climate ChangeClick Here
E)India – Efforts for Environmental ConservationClick Here
F)Global Initiatives for the EnvironmentClick Here
G)Agriculture and EnvironmentClick Here
H)Renewable and Alternative Energy SourcesClick Here

Topic Wise Analysis of Environment PYQs

8. EnvironmentNo. of Questions (2011-2023)No. of Questions (1995-2023)% Weightage (2011-2023)% Weightage (1995-2023)
A) Environment Ecology273112%10%
B) India’s Biodiversity527623%25%
C) Environment Pollution and Remedies333915%13%
D) Climate Change242711%9%
E) India – Efforts for Environement376116%20%
F) Global Efforts for Environment274012%13%
G) Agriculture and Environment18208%7%
H) Renewable and Alternate Energy Sources9134%4%

About Environment PYQs

Environment is the next most important subject after Indian Economy when it comes to UPSC Prelims. As suggested by subject wise weightage of previous year questions, around 17 questions are asked from Environment each year.

As you can see below, around 50% of the questions come from B) India’s biodiversity, C) Environment pollution and remedies & E) India’s efforts for environmental protection.

Compared to Economy & Polity, the weightage of current environmental affairs is slightly more. Around 5-8, questions do come on the basis of current affairs. So, that part also needs to be done well.

Environment -Detailed Topic Wise Syllabus Based on PYQs

A) Environment Ecology

Environment, ecology, ecosystem, energy flow, food chain and food web, biogeochemical cycles, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, biotic interactions etc.

B) India’s Biodiversity

Flora, fauna and Indian wildlife diversity, their natural habitats, peculiar features, the endangered status of various species, coral reefs, threats to biodiversity etc. 

C) Environmental Pollution and Remedies

Environmental pollution – air, water, soil, noise pollution, radioactive pollution, e-waste, acid rain, remedies for pollution, govt. initiatives, bio-remediation etc.

D) Climate Change

Theoretical questions on climate change e.g. causes of climate change, contributing factors, terms associated with climate change, scientific solutions for climate change etc. 

E) India – Efforts for Environmental Conservation

Various govt. and non-govt. initiatives for biodiversity and environmental protection, climate change, ozone depletion etc. Wildlife protection act, protected areas, various projects etc. biosphere reserves, national parks, Ramsar convention and Ramsar sites, environment protection act etc.

F) Global Initiatives for the Environment

Global initiatives for climate, environment, biodiversity protection etc.

G) Agriculture and Environment

Agricultural issues that are concerned with the environment and climate change. Eco-friendly agricultural practices, organic farming etc. 

H) Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources, non-conventional energy sources, solar energy, bio-fuels, and other new inventions in the field

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