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UPSC Mains Disaster Management Previous Year Questions

Disaster Management Topic Wise PYQs (2018-2023)


  1. Dam failures are always catastrophic, especially on the downstream side, resulting in a colossal loss of life and property. Analyze the various causes of dam failures. Give two examples of large dam failures. [2023/Q7/10m/150w]
  2. Explain the mechanism and occurrence of cloudburst in the context of the Indian subcontinent. Discuss two recent examples. [2022/Q8/10m/150w]
  3. Discuss about the vulnerability of India to earthquake related hazards. Give examples including the salient features of major disasters caused by earthquakes in different parts of India during the last three decades. [2021/Q8/10m/150w]
  4. Describe the various causes and the effects of landslides. Mention the important components of the National Landslide Risk Management Strategy. [2021/Q18/15m/250w]
  5. Discuss the recent measures initiated in disaster management by the Government of India departing from the earlier reactive approach. [2020/Q18/15m/200w]
  6. Vulnerability is an essential element for defining disaster impacts and its threat to people. How and in what ways can vulnerability to disasters be characterized? Discuss different types of vulnerability with reference to disasters.   [2019/Q8/10m/150w]
  7. Disaster preparedness is the first step in any disaster management process. Explain how hazard zonation mapping will help in disaster mitigation in the case of landslides.  [2019/Q18/15m/200w]
  8. Describe various measures taken in India for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) before and after signing ‘Sendai Framework for DRR (2015-2030)’. How is this framework different from ‘Hyogo Framework for Action, 2005’?   [2018/Q18/15m/200w]
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