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GS 4 – 3 Aptitude and foundational values for civil service

3] Aptitude and foundational values for civil service(2018-2023):

  1. Apart from intellectual competency and moral qualities, empathy and compassion are some of the other vital attributes that facilitate the civil servants to be more competent in tackling the crucial issues or taking critical decisions. Explain with suitable illustrations. [2022/Q1b/10m/150w]
  2. Write a short note on – Devotion to duty [2022/Q5b(v)/10m/150w]
  3. Identify five ethical traits on which one can plot the performance of a civil servant. Justify their inclusion in the matrix. [2021/Q1a/10m/150w]
  4. Identify ten essential values that are needed to be an effective public servant. Describe the /ways and means to prevent non-ethical behaviour in the pubic servants. [2021/Q1b/10m/150w]
  5. Should impartial and being non-partisan be considered as indispensable qualities to make a successful civil servant? Discuss with illustrations.  [2021/Q5b/10m/150w]
  6. “Integrity is a value that empowers the human being.” Justify with suitable illustration.  [2021/Q6b/10m/150w]
  7. What do the following quotations mean to you? “Condemn none: if you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If not, fold your hands, bless your brothers, and let them go their own way.” – Swami Vivekanand  [2020/Q6a/10m/150w]
  8. What do the following quotations mean to you?   “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi  [2020/Q6b/10m/150w]
  9. “Hatred is destructive of a person’s wisdom and conscience that can poison a nation’s spirit.’ Do you agree with this view? Justify your answer.  [2020/Q2a/10m/150w]
  10. “Non-performance of duty by a public servant is a form of corruption”. Do you agree with this view? Justify your answer.  [2019/Q2b/10m/150w]
  11. “In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy. And if they do not have the first, the other two will kill you.” – Warren Buffett.   What do you understand by this statement in the present-day scenario? Explain. [2018/Q3b/10m/150w]
  12. State the three basic values, universal in nature, in the context of civil services and bring out their importance.  [2018/Q1a/10m/150w]
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