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UPSC Mains Previous Year Question Papers

About UPSC Mains Previous Year Pattern

The post contains UPSC Mains Previous Year Question Papers form 2013 onwards. The pattern of UPSC Mains exam drastically changed in 2013. Previously there were two General Studies papers and two Optional Subjects (4 papers) for UPSC Mains. 2013 onwards, UPSC changed the pattern of UPSC Mains to 4 GS Papers, along with introduction of GS 4 (Ethics) paper, and reducing optional subject to only one (2 papers).

Hence, while using UPSC Mains previous year question papers, it makes sense to focus on question papers from 2013 onwards. This post contains all such papers from 2013, provided to you in PDF format.

Essay, Ethics- UPSC Mains Previous Year Question Papers

YearEssay PaperEthics (General Studies 4)
2023Essay 2023 Mains PDFEthics 2023 Mains PDF
2022Essay 2022 Mains PDFEthics 2022 Mains PDF
2021Essay 2021 Mains PDFEthics 2021 Mains PDF
2020Essay 2020 Mains PDFEthics 2020 Mains PDF
2019Essay 2019 Mains PDFEthics 2019 Mains PDF
2018Essay 2018 Mains PDFEthics 2018 Mains PDF
2017Essay 2017 Mains PDFEthics 2017 Mains PDF
2016Essay 2016 Mains PDFEthics 2016 Mains PDF
2015Essay 2015 Mains PDFEthics 2015 Mains PDF
2014Essay 2014 Mains PDFEthics 2014 Mains PDF
2013Essay 2013 Mains PDFEthics 2013 Mains PDF

General Studies (1-3) – UPSC Mains Previous Year Question Papers

YearGeneral Studies 1General Studies 2General Studies 3
2023GS-1 2023 Mains PDFGS-2 2023 Mains PDFGS-3 2023 Mains PDF
2022GS-1 2022 Mains PDFGS-2 2022 Mains PDFGS-3 2022 Mains PDF
2021GS-1 2021 Mains PDFGS-2 2021 Mains PDFGS-3 2021 Mains PDF
2020GS-1 2020 Mains PDFGS-2 2020 Mains PDFGS-3 2020 Mains PDF
2019GS-1 2019 Mains PDFGS-2 2019 Mains PDFGS-3 2019 Mains PDF
2018GS-1 2018 Mains PDFGS-2 2018 Mains PDFGS-3 2018 Mains PDF
2017GS-1 2017 Mains PDFGS-2 2017 Mains PDFGS-3 2017 Mains PDF
2016GS-1 2016 Mains PDFGS-2 2016 Mains PDFGS-3 2016 Mains PDF
2015GS-1 2015 Mains PDFGS-2 2015 Mains PDFGS-3 2015 Mains PDF
2014GS-1 2014 Mains PDFGS-2 2014 Mains PDFGS-3 2014 Mains PDF
2013GS-1 2013 Mains PDFGS-2 2013 Mains PDFGS-3 2013 Mains PDF

Along with Essay and GS 1-4 papers, students have to give 4 more papers.

2 papers are from Optional Subjects

2 more papers are from English and one of the regional languages. Regional language is not compulsory for some of the north-eastern states. We’ve provided the papers for English and other regional languages as a sample. You don’t have to study for this in detail and one paper is good enough to get idea about exam.

Language – UPSC Mains Previous Year Question Papers (2023)

Important Links

Instructions for UPSC Mains Previous Year Question Papers (General Studies)

UPSC Mains Previous Year Question Papers
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