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3) Medieval Indian History – Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims

Medieval Indian History Previous Year Questions – Topic Wise

Sr. No.Topic NamePrevious Year Questions
A)Important Rulers and KingdomsClick Here
B)Advent of Europeans in IndiaClick Here
C)Art, Architecture & Literature in Medieval IndiaClick Here
D)Religion and Philosophy in Medieval IndiaClick Here
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Topic Wise Analysis of Medieval Indian History PYQs

The questions from Medieval History can be classified into 4 major topics (discussed further). As the graph and the table given below illustrates, the majority of the questions in medieval Indian history are from topic A) Mediaeval History –  Rulers and Kingdoms

Medieval Indian HistoryNo. of Questions (2011-2023)No. of Questions (1995-2023)% Weightage (2011-2023)% Weightage (1995-2023)
A) Politics and Society176453%60%
B) Advent of Europeans in India41213%11%
C) Art, Architecture and Literature71822%17%
D) Religion and Philosophy41213%11%

About Medieval Indian History PYQs

The analysis of UPSC Prelims previous year questions suggests that only 3-4 questions are asked from the topic of Medieval Indian History each year. And however tempting it may be to make you skip this subject altogether, its not advisable.

Every mark matters in UPSC Prelims, and all the more when it is from a static subject. Sometimes very simple questions can be asked from Medieval History and you don’t want to miss them when it happens.

This said, you also need not devote more time to medieval history. Just stick to the basic study material for this subject and have a good understanding about chronology of events in medieval India. Thus, you can save time for other subjects. 

Medieval Indian History-Detailed Topic Wise Syllabus Based on PYQs

A) Politics and Society in Medieval India

Rulers, dynasties, kingdoms, social and political life, important battles etc. from Medieval Indian History

B) Advent of Europeans in the Indian Subcontinent

The advent of various European powers in the Indian subcontinent, associated places, events etc. 

C) Art, Architecture and Literature in Medieval India

Mughal paintings, important writers, books and translations, 

D) Religion and Philosophy in Medieval India

Hinduism, bhakti cult, bhakti saints, Islam, Sufism, Sufi saints, Sikhism, Sikh gurus, and other religious developments and philosophies from medieval India.

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