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9) Science & Technology – Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims

Science and Technology Previous Year Questions UPSC Prelims

Science & Technology Previous Year Questions – Topic Wise

Sr. No.Topic NamePrevious Year Questions
A)Electronics and ITClick Here
B)Astrophysics and Space TechnologyClick Here
C)BiotechnologyClick Here
D)PhysicsClick Here
E)ChemistryClick Here
F)BiologyClick Here
G)DiseasesClick Here

Topic Wise Analysis of Science & Technology PYQs

Science & Technology
9. Science and TechnologyNo. of Questions (2011-2023)No. of Questions (1995-2023)% Weightage (2011-2023)% Weightage (1995-2023)
A) Electronics and IT273520%7%
B) Astrophysics and Space Technology246918%13%
C) Biotechnology284221%8%
D) Physics1911914%23%
E) Chemistry11948%18%
F) Biology1914214%27%
G) Diseases7255%5%

About Science & Technology PYQs

Although this appears to be a disorganized, purely current affairs based and a highly unpredictable subject, it is not like that. 1st thing, on average 11-12 question appear from Science & Technology. Thus, you cannot afford to neglect it, especially if you’re from a non-technical background.

Further, there is an order to the chaos. As listed below, there are definite topics /sub-topics in science and technology. With some being more important than others. As orange bars in the below diagram illustrate, first 3 topics i.e. A) Electronics & IT, B) Astrophysics & Space Technology and C) Biotechnology should be done very well.

Science & Technology-Detailed Topic Wise Syllabus Based on PYQs

A) Electronics and IT

B) Astrophysics and Space Technology

C) Biotechnology

D) Physics

E) Chemistry

F) Biology

G) Diseases

We’re in the process of posting all the questions from 1995-2023. The tentative date of completion is 16 Dec 2023. We highly recommend purchasing our UPSC Prelims PYQ Book (2024 Edition) to access all questions in a single PDF.

UPSC Prelims PYQ Book (2024 Edition)

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